Merry Christmas Eve and a Few LGBTQ+ Movie Recommendations


Merry Christmas Eve to all who celebrate! Merry WW84 Release Day Eve to everyone:) Today ended up being an incredible, but nonstop, day of interesting conversations related to the post I was planning to make with content to help us all feel a bit more connected and uplifted as we navigate this emotional time of year. I spent so much time discussing said post that I ran out of time to actually make said post. So, I will kick that series off tomorrow.


A good friend recently said that I help keep her up to date with popular culture. It was a kind way of saying, ‘Damn, Avery, you watch a lot of television.’ But I do it for all of us:) So, until tomorrow, here are a few recent LGBTQ+ movies I would recommend for the holidays and/or just to relax with, perhaps amongst twinkling lights, warm drinks, and a furry pal or two.

(Note: I am not starting a debate on these movies. They made me smile and have a better day. Nothing is perfect. Representation is good and no one movie/book/idea/belief can represent all that we are. And that’s a good thing. Also, this is NOT an exhaustive list, just a couple ideas to bring people some joy. Also also :), these are on streaming services, so not everyone has access, but we are nothing, if not resourceful in finding ways to watch and support content that makes us feel seen.)


  1. The Prom (Netflix): It’s over the top, but it was hilarious. If nothing else, I highly recommend the ‘arena’ scene (around minute 35, you’re welcome) for a good laugh. My favorite line right after this scene: “Trent, I could rip your face off.” And I adore Andrew Rannells.


  1. A New York Christmas Wedding (Netflix): This one’s a bit more serious and an interesting premise but shows the importance of following your true self.


  1. Happiest Season (Hulu): I think we’ve all heard more than enough about this one. I like it though. Dan Levy is exceptional as always and has a poignant scene regarding coming out stories and chosen families that hits home for many. And honestly, I can think of no one better to be the moral compass on such an important topic.

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